I usually show my pictures and movies as a slideshow. With this plugin you can directly open a slideshow of pictures and movies in jbrout. For movie support in jbrout look at rawworkflow and my digital workflow.

This plugin is Linux only.


Create a directory slideshow in the plugin directory of your jbrout installation. Download slideshow.txt and save it as __init.py__ in this slideshow directory.

I use GImageView in this plugin as picture and movie player. I don't know any other player which is able to play slideshows of pictures and movies. GImageView has not been updated since 2004 but it works for me.

Download and install it with movie player support (either mplayer or xine).

If you want to use another player then change the variable player in __init.py__ accordingly.


Use 'Operations->Slideshow' either in the album menu or for a selection of pictures and movies.